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Original Turkish Eatery

Kurumsal Kimlik Tasarımı + Sosyal Medya Akış Tasarımı & Yönetimi + Metin Yazarlığı + Web Design

The name OTE stands for Original Turkish Eatery. A style of casual Turkish dining (Esnaf) where Deliciously Healthy, Locally fresh, authentically Turkish food is made directly from Turkish cuisine tradition in a relaxed environment serving everyone.


Every day at OTE, we serve a variety of freshly prepared dishes, from traditional Turkish cuisine. Our mission is to rewrite the narrative on Turkish food in London, introducing customers to Turkey’s delicious array of stews, salads, mezes, and pastries. We use high-quality seasonal ingredients from Turkey's diverse regions like Anatolian, Aegean, Mediterranean.


Whether a pit stop for your lunch break or popping in to pick up dinner on your way home, OTE has a selection of menu items for every meal of the day.

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